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Soul Searching

Soul Searching" delves into the journey of self-discovery and the courage to embrace solitude. Co-written with my brother and producer, Braygo, this track explores the bittersweet reality of choosing independence over a relationship. It emphasizes the importance of knowing oneself before committing to others. Lastly, "Soul Searching" is about the importance of putting oneself first – a necessary and often overlooked part of building healthy relationships and a fulfilling life.

Prod. Brayden Ghose

Hold Me Close

The love-filled lyricism and smooth production on “Hold Me Close”delivers a more stripped back and intimate performance that blooms throughout the song, her gentle words resonating in the hearts of listeners. 

Prod. Brayden Ghose

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Around The Fountain

Our latest single is a smooth combination of R&B and pop with warm upbeat bass and drums. The songs elements grow as you listen, carried by the vocals, harmonies, and background singers. It has a youthful glow of spring, and lyrics that keep you in the moment.

Prod. Brayden Ghose

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Where There Is

The album, released in 2021, is about finding your own voice, and a place to be heard. Throughout the album it explores universal themes of love, loyalty, independence, and strength. There's a little something for everyone in this unique, deeply personal, and heartfelt album as it incorporates a mix of indie, rock, and pop.

Prod. Brayden Ghose



Brayden Ghose is Maya's music producer/engineer and brother. 

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