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Maya Ghose has established herself as a creative and soulful singer/songwriter with her first 2 singles "How He Looks At Her" and "I Don't Want this." She recently released her first album "Where There Is." Finding inspiration from her life, Maya’s lyrics are deeply personal and heartfelt, yet explore universal themes such as loyalty, independence, strength, betrayal, friendship, and love. 


Growing up in a musical family, Maya has been writing and playing music since the age of six. Her first song, “Purple” was not a worldwide phenomenon, but it garnered much praise within her household and solidified her desire for a career in music. Since then she’s written tunes for school productions, arranged for a capella groups, co-written tunes for the stage, and penned over 50 pop, rock, funk, and country songs, nine of which are represented on her upcoming album. 


Maya has been quoted as saying, “I want to release music on my own terms and be involved in the entire creative process.” She is proud of being not only a singer, but a songwriter and musician. That said, Maya cites artists such as Lauryn Hill, Macy Gray, Nirvana, and Katy Perry, among many others to be musical influences. And that list continues to grow as Maya believes in the power of listening to other voices, while still being true to herself. 


Maya’s collaboration with her brother, producer/engineer, Brayden Ghose, has been deeply fulfilling. Her writing chops, combined with her brother’s tasteful production has led to an album filled with upbeat and hopeful tunes that are unique yet familiar and show a maturity well past her teen years. Maya hopes to continue collaborating with her brother as well as connect with other songwriters, musicians who share her love for the creative process. 


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